Friday, February 16, 2007

Ms. Trista Allen DA's Office .Please !

Ms. Allen in the future please write what you want to say, read it over and over before you say it to the Media. I know maybe you were in a situation and it was spin time but sometime it is better to not say a word. I am not sure if you said this but the DMN has it in quotation marks."the woman lost her job over giving a fake name to a police officer over her son witnessing a scuffle"" this was not just any woman she was a police Officer and what she did was a crime and more so since she has filled these same types of charges on people she arrest. Not a good example for her son. So do not make it sound like poor lady lost her job there are 6,660 people in the jail right behind your office who have lost their jobs cannot make bond and sitting there hoping for justice. Having worked at the County 20 years I do know that defense Attorneys walk in the Court offices all day asking for cases to be dismissed and the assistant DA's do it without calling upstairs.The fact that Mr. Lyons got a case dismissed is no news it's done all day every day. Maybe if he had not been on TV and delivering termination notices this would not have been news. I hope something is learned from this "keep some of your business to yourself".

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