Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Price Needed at work over at Dallas County !

No sooner did I open my paper this morning did the news validate my words. Dallas County does not have test vendor to administer various exams for Sheriff Department staff .The Sheriff has been violating a policy because the List that was maintained to promote from ,has expired and no one is being tested for promotion list they are just being promoted. Commissioner Civil Rights John Price who has picket people for not promoting people fairly.Sit as Chair of the County Civil Service Board and supervisor of the HR Director at the County Dr. Taylor, allowed this to happen. Commissioner Civil Rights, Civil Service John Price has not done his job.

John Price is so busy running what is not his business that he has lost control at the County. People could say we might not like his position on things but he is a good Commissioner well now he's not even that. The extra money the County has to pay monitors for the jail is tax money due to his neglect of the jail for years. He loves Black people so much but he allows Black

people to suffer daily in that jail. We taxpayers need work for that 11,000.00 or so a month salary you take home. Please get busy or leave.

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