Sunday, June 17, 2007

Open Letter Mayor Elect Tom Leppert.

Open Letter to Mayor Elect Tom Leppert

Tom thanks for the courage to step from your Retired ,Happily Volunteer life to run for Mayor in an attempt to make this a better city. I understand you because that is what I did for the same reason. Somehow along the way I had a track record of doing the right thing for People in my many volunteer positions and I figured that people knew my work and all I had to do was let them know I was running. I had no idea that people who run for all the wrong reasons would go to such lengths to win and busy working folk do not keep up with who's doing what.Time is a fortune- teller.

Tom you are not taking over a Company in the real world, you are taking on a Government Office where people have been for years and each time something happens they create another job, that soon becomes a department and the tax payers budget grows. Doing the campaign Councilman Oakley said the Economic development started with 5 people and now it had 50 but he never said what the net results was with increased staff.When we had the concerns about the street lights being out on city streets they solved it with a new position to monitor lights, I wonder if that position works 8am-5pm , when we had the EPA problem they created a whole new department. You see when its tax money government employees spend until the bank is busted. I hope you will ask questions and encourage the Manager to think out of the BOX.

Tom, the 14 people you'll work with for the most part are OK. The Four from the Southern Sector are another story. You have one who sued the City and won.He is full of dislike for staff and will drag them over the coal . You have another one who was removed from the bench twice and is very angry with the Court Services department and is going to give Administrative Judge Robinson hell, she thinks someone was after her and she is Black so that excuses her behavior. She will create the racial tension on the Council. You also have one who will see every think in terms of Black and white and if she does not get her way it will be racism or North vs. South. Then you have one who wants to know every thing and lead the pack, sad part is they will not follow they all want to be on program. You will be OK for August but come September you will see a great revolution and please do not pack you bag and run home. It's called 14-1 and you are that 1. Just wanted to warn you.

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