Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thanks !

Thank you for your vote , love and support . We ran a good "issue based" campaign. Thanks to the many people who voted for the "issues". In the beginning Ms. Hill said she would not do negative campaign, but she did. The sad part is she used the hate message : The Republican party and my friendship with Laura Miller she hung that around my neck , and Black people still hate Republicans and Laura Miller. We will never overcome in this District as long as we preach the hate message . We want the North Dallas Look but we do not vote the North Dallas way on the issue. The North Dallas Democrats voted for Tom Leppert . I wear proudly my Party affiliation and my friendships. I will not forsake a friend or stab anyone in the back for a Vote. I will not lie and do anything to win a Council seat the people have voted and results are in. The next couple of months will tell the real story because snakes crawl over each other.

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