Wednesday, June 13, 2007

District 5 Council Race

I know how the Media does it's mind work. In every article about me they tell my life story but they do not tell my opponents . In any other City it would be news if a person running for City Council had been removed from her bench twice. Once in 1987 and again in 2004. She blame

Laura Miller for 2004, but she has not blame Annette Strauss for 87. Arrested in Atlanta for credit card thief, she said on KHVN she did not remember the charge but in the DMN interview and yes I was in the room she told them the truth. The Judge has a long history of not being able to get along with people and if she becomes the Council member of District 5 you will see for yourselves. I have always told the truth regardless if it hurt me or not. What has been hard for me on this campaign trail is how far people will go to get elected. To lie and want to Lead your people is sick and will be the way you run your office on lies. As I have said I want to win but it will not define me, my opponent has never done anything in this community and she

really got high on being a Judge even if it was one appointed by the City Council .That is one of the reasons she had trouble. She took Judge to mean GOD and mix that with being a Minister made her believe she was larger then life.

She said in the paper that 25 years ago when she came to Dallas God told her she would run for Office in Dallas. I guess God knew 14-1 would surely come some 9 years later.

Win, lose or Draw I will continue to work and help my community, my name is in the history books, in the floor of DFW terminal D and in the hearts of all the people I have helped. God has shown me favor by allowing me to live and feel good. VOTE JUNE 16,2007

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