Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Men Die Young

Today I read that Thomas Houston and Alfonso Jones were dead. I had gotten notice of Thomas Houston but had not on Al Jones. Both of these men were tops in what they did. They were the people that quietly go about their business working and paying tax and doing all that they can to help their people. Al was a business man ,Thomas helped business men they were very good men. Al's wife helped in the business, Thomas wife was very supportive of him. Good family men,

Good Black men dead at a very early age what can we do to save others from the diseases that kill us quick but are preventable. We must pay attention to the signs and eat right and exercise

regulary. I am sitting here now and should be out walking. I think in HONOR of them ,who I cared and respected so much I will get up and walk around my block for both of them.

May God Rest Their Souls. Both will be Missed:

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