Monday, June 18, 2007

How Can One Man Play the People Who Feed Him?

I saw a very interesting piece of campaign literature on Dallas Arena today. It seems as while John Price and Thomas Jones were playing their robo message to Black People in District 5 saying I was a Republican and telling them not to vote for me. And by the way you did what he ask.The same man that supported Max Wells, a republican and republican Carol Kneeland against a Democrat for Governor,was over in District 3 with Dave Newman a staunch republican asking white and brown people to vote for him. I like Dave Newman and Max Wells both are good men but how can voters continue to allow this man who we pay his salary of over 100,000 dollar per year continue to lie to his people. Clearly he used every weapon against me he also knew Blacks in District 5 still hate Laura Miller so he played that game on them. The sad part is he could have gotten a better candidate then Vonciel Jones Hill who does not have a clue. I finally got the Judicial Nominating Commission ranking list after the election. To the left, to the left.
Please believe me I live in this District and ran for office because I did not want to move but know I don't know. John Price lives in a well kept District he has never lived out here. Oak Lawn to North Oak Cliff that is as far as he has gone. We used to see him over here until Vincent Hall moved.

I have gotten calls from all over people telling me horror stories about Ms. Hill , I told them to late you need to tell it with your vote, I do not want to hear it. I hope soon and very soon Black people in Commissioner District 3 will realize as I did years after that we have a Commissioner who has over stayed his time and the voters do not matter to him. We and I take full credit for mine have created a MONSTER.

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