Tuesday, May 17, 2011

John Price, All Over The Place ! What Will It Take ?

Commissioner Price Making A Fool of Black People Once Again. When will people stop, John Price from taking his people (Black Voters Southern Sector) as being so ignorant, that we do not know the difference in David Kunkle and Laura Miller? First, we allowed John Price and others to convince us that Laura Miller did not like Black people. The fact of the matter is John Price, others were doing things that the DMN would not write, and no other Reporter would touch the truth but Laura Miller and the Dallas Observer. Laura Miller wrote what she believed was the truth and about John Price and others, it must have been true, none of them sued Laura Miller or the Observer. We have allowed this man to earn money, remain in his job 25 years with race baiting, and miss using his County position to hurt and ruin people who do not agree with him. I have been waiting on the Lord to correct him, but it seems God is taking his time. Every day it gets worse. This is the first time there have been three men in a Mayor’s race and I like them all, for different reasons. I could feel good with either one being Mayor, in fact Mayor Caraway is doing a helve good job, and thrown the Dallas Morning News editorial board for a loop. I am not sure why they believed Dallas would freeze over if evil Leppert resigned. People if you believe Laura Miller’s name is on the ballot for Mayor Vote against her, if her name is not on the ballot, vote for the candidate of your choice. Please do not allow the public to see us fall for that slavery time message John Price is selling. Please do not believe he likes Mike Rawling enough to work free. One of these day God will make Price pay for all the wrong he has done to his people, including me, there will not be enough money in the world to pay to ease his pain that God himself will inflect upon him.

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