Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Tampering With Government Documents a Crime? Not In Dallas County.

If law says, you must have person, being served papers,sign the order.How can deputy Constables not follow law,get caught,using County automobile for non county business , falsify documents, and the Elected Constables are the ones who decide their punishment.What happen to the DA and Police?How do you decide punishment when a State and County law has been violated.Everyone in the County jail ,wish they could pick the persons deciding their punishment. What is happening in Dallas ,can every one at the County level do wrong,or what they want to? How can a indicted Boss punish a non indicted Deputy,for breaking the law.Party affiliation could not be reason other Elected Officials are willing to risk their careers to cover up or save a Democrat who is breaking the law.How can Citizens trust anyone these days.I had the utmost respect for DA Watkins,and supported him back in the day,when his family was his campaign team,for free.Mr.DA please do your job,please don't allow Dallas to become another Bonnie and Clyde involving Elected officials.If they do not care enough to do their very best you can not save them. last night,on news,Fort Worth City Councilwoman Hicks,driving a $100,000 sports car with her mothers State District license plate,that is against the law,worse why would you invest in a expensive car, and not spend $78.00 to buy plates? That's just plain crazy,unless something about the car keeps it from being registered,or she and her mother use the same car. Each of them know who they are,educated,smart,out spoken women working for their community and always have helped all.There's no reason the plate should make a big difference. God Please Help Us All!

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