Thursday, September 08, 2011

County Judge Clay Jenkins and Commissioner John Wiley Price Perpetrated Fraud On Taxpayers and Citizens of Dallas County!

Clay Jenkins was used to help John Wiley Price punish Bruce Sherbet for making Daphene Fain and Kathy Nealy angry doing Primary election.Nealy and Fain put X on Bruce's back with help of Poole. What Goes around Comes around. Jenkins,Price and Poole knew State law only allows Election Commission to appoint Election Administrator and Commissioners set salary. There is no State law that allows Election Commission to appoint Interim Election Adm. and Jenkins,Price and Poole knew it.Amos and Warren were used by Price to get Pippin-Poole job.Jenkins being a lawyer should have known they did not have authority to appoint Interim,that's a lie he added to try and satisfy public,his action in Election Commission meeting confirmed he knew. Jenkins has one vote he does not lead the Commission,Price must have convinced him he has some special power or pain medication might have boosted nerve. Another Fraud on people of Dallas County by our Elected Officials for their favorite person to have a job.God bless any election held under Pippin-Poole Fain and Price.

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