Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How and Why Did Dallas M.News Attack Parkland &Ron Anderson,Beg CMS To Come To Dallas?

I am still trying to put my finger on why DMN attacked Dr.Ron Anderson and took on the cause of Parkland Hospital.How could a County Judge who knows very little about County government and nothing about Parkland hospital in 8 months do so much damage to one of the best Hospital systems in this Country.I understand Elba Garcia,when ever something happens to a Hispanic in Dallas County Elba will take up that cause.In light of fact,that man who waited several hours without being seen by Doctor had stable vital sign and 3 year old girl had been home two weeks with cough and fever transferred to C hospital(CMS report said they did not know if that C was for children or cancer)stupid investigator,chart clearly said child's presenting problem was fever ,coughing elevated pressure,were Spanish.Never mind that Ron Anderson developed the best care in America for OB and child birth of whom 70% born at parkland or Spanish with little or no prenatal care.we also had the flap between Price and Luna,Price trying to put Judge Fosters board appointee off board so Elba went to Commissioners Court with agenda clay Jenkins was given agenda by Price,remove full board.Court has two joint appointees and one each that meant,Three Stooges had action at 5 appointee's. Please read full CMS report on Parkland's web site and you will see violations are tectinial and all say possible harm to patient,not one finding says any thing about medical care.Take for instance Mother brought 3 year old into ER at 10:30 child was seen by triage RN ,temp,blood pressure,breathing all done decision made baby suffered bad chest congestion,Parkland does not treat children under 16 so the wrote in chart Tranf,C Hospital.Finding from CMS says child not stabilized and transferred,well C hospital is attached to Parkland by a hall.Child was at Children's Hospital by 11:00.In a matter of 30 minutes this child was seen vital signs done and proper referral to Children's,Parkland was written up because the transfer for for chart was not completed and in chart.Second case woman with stomach hurting was walking down hall,holding stomach CMS investigator ask her what was wrong,she told them she had gotten lost and could not find her was to UCC she also said pain was radiating down her leg and she felt upset stomach,they wrote Parkland up for not having an RN accompany her to UCC and not stabilizing her,how do you stabilize a hurting stomach until seen by Dr.Parkland Hospital has 150,000 ER visits per year they do not have staff to escort grown walking Patients down a hall to another clinic.Woman ending up leaving because she had to wait. Please read report and see for your self the wording and how Dallas Morning News used inflammatory words to make report sound very bad.DMN also complained that Dr. Anderson was taking report light when he said report was technical,it is ,if DMN had any experience in Health care and knew hospital lingo, and were not trying to discredit Parkland they would have known they were technical.The new Board was playing to Judge Jenkins, Garcia and Dallas Morning News ,I wonder if they knew DMN insisted that CMS come to Dallas.Oh ya and that trash being uncovered,report said trash being uncovered even though it was enclosed in plastic,was violation.Mind you all Parkland trash is double bagged and tied for transport to incinerator so there was no danger to exposing any patient to any disease.DMN would have you believe trash was rolling down hall in open container. This has been on my mind since the beginning I was born at Parkland,son was born there,I worked and served on Parkland board.I worked under Jack Price non physician,Dr. Mullen and then Ron Anderson.I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Anderson much earlier in his training prior to being employed by Parkland and in his beginning job with Parkland.Dr. Ron Anderson changed indigent medicine and health care for poor people and Community at large. Judge Jenkins,Elba Garcia and Dallas Morning News have taken CEO from Dr. Anderson's name but they cannot take his Doctor title the one he cares most about.Ron Anderson put the Soul of Caring for sick people in Parkland,its in the fiber of the people.Dr.McDonald said everyone she saw over 40 were asking her about Dr.Anderson its because we all saw this one man change a hospital into a System and improved every aspect of that system.People all over the world are wondering what fools would react like this over a CMS report if Parkland really had problems Private insurance agencies would be all over the place.CMS is a private contract agency that does third party pay and compliance for Federal Government for Medicare & Medicaid they can recommend an action to feds but they do not have last say.Dallas Morning News wants you to think Parkland will lose their funding not likely there are not enough providers for 1.4 million people Parkland serve.Baylor is getting new Medical School however they will not have Parkland capacity for years,guess DMN wants to give the hands up ,maybe if the publish enough about SW Medical and Parkland everyone will run across Harry Hines,THEY WON'T.Parkland is in our Blood DR. Anderson taught us to care about the Patient regardless to ability to pay ,and we do.You can not destroy Parkland or Ron Anderson,he's the Heart when he's gone his Heart will remain in all of us,and all of them still working and to come.No new CEO can take Ron Anderson from Parkland because he is Parkland and non of you will ever understand unless you have been there.

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