Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Only In Dallas Could These Things Happen and Nothing Happens!

1.Hold budget hearings tell people there has not been inventory of DFD equipment in 25 years and propose to Council to move equipment around and moth ball some. A,New Councilman Griggs find 400,000 study that was done in 2007 for that very purpose and recommended additional equipment. Not another Council member called the City Managers hand on the lie about 25 years nor why pay 400,000 for information and not follow recommendation. 2.So call money making trash dump idea that is supposed to make 15 million dollars for city some day maybe. A.Legal challenge from private garbage collectors on freedom to do business without government interference. City dictating where by Ordinance they can dump trash picked up within City limits. 3.Redistricting Committee appointed by Council spent long time on process mandated by law. A.Why did Council have these people going through all this trouble when Stevie Wonder could see the map that is going to be approved by Council is one some person had in his pocket all the TIME. 4.Use SUP process to stop drunk people from pissing on yards and keeping music down. A.Any fool would know if the problem your City has is lost Revenue,your priority should be to increase revenue by any means necessary.Instead Dallas is closing businesses that State TABC laws say can stay open until 2AM.City Attorney has always said he does not regulate liquor so how can Dallas close a building that has State license that authorize it to sell liquor until 2AM? 5.7-11 close at 12:00 when its CO says 24 hours and sells off premise beer and wine only.

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