Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please Somebody Please Tell Zack Thompson,The Media Knows I gave Wai-Wize A Contract In 2002.

I must have been very sick my last five years at Dallas County because I did not see game being played by my trusted second in command. Pasty Walker,white woman, who worked with me,and was loyal to the bone tried to warn me ,each time ,I would say,Oh Pasty you don't trust anyone,her answer "I know what I'm talking about".Pasty was the kind of hard working person that put her job first,and she expected others to do the same.Pasty died shortly after leaving Dallas County I miss her to this day. Ava Love hired Zack Thompson to work in Ryan White Grant at DCHHS,I knew he was stable worked 14 years with WDCC, I also worked different community activities with his. I had opportunity to promote Zack Deputy Director of DCHH knowing, I would be reaching retirement age in a few years,Zack seemed like the perfect guy to Lead the Department.I have tried not to say anything negative about Zack or the department since my retirement, and have not communicated with Zack or other staff since the day I left DCHHS bldg.I was housed in 411 Elm building until my last day of work on third floor,Zack Thompson never came and spoke to me after serving as my assistant and making only 5,000.00 less than I.I paid him well I didn't want him to be messed over in the event he was not hired for Director's job, when I retired.I sat on that third floor at 411 Elm Commissioners Court Bldg. two months not one person said a word to me from Department they were afraid of Zack,Zack was afraid to speak because of John Price.Yet John Price had never called me on Zack's behalf. I'm giving you some history so your understanding of why I am writing this will be clear.Zack was given my job same day Commissioners Court members John Price,Margaret Kelliher,Mike Cantrell decided they wanted me gone, and I could not even stay in County building on Stemmons ,Price wanted me out ,I guess Zack did not feel comfortable.I was only Department head forced to leave their office and relocate downtown at 411 Elm.Zack Thompson came to that building every Tuesday for Court never called or took elevator to say hello or ask any questions about work in Department,he was not that smart,he was Assistant not Director ,he stumbled his way through best he could.So this picture is clear Zack ,and I had reserved parking spot at DCHHS side by side on Friday ,I left that building ,on Monday Zack Thompson parked in my parking spot ,Director,and his parking spot next to mine sat empty.Court Order appointing him was not passed until next day.If you want to know about character just wait until people have opportunity to put shit on your clothes without cause,they will do it every time.This man passed up his parking space to let the world know he was Director.this man had thrown the person who taught him gave his raises higher that anyone else ,would not give me respect I so deserve.He knew why and how I was being treated ,so he could get my job.reason I walked that picket line for Bruce it had happen to me and others will continue until John Price,Clay Jenkins,Mike Cantrell are removed from Commissioners court. Now what made me write this blog: reporter ask Zack Thompson about the Wai Wize contract,Zack told him he needed to talk with me because I was the person who brought Wai Wize into the County.Several other reporters also told me this my question to them was,why did he say that? No one knew why he kept trying to throw me under the bus.Reporter told Zack we know first contract was under Ms. Culbreath's signature and job was complete.I guess he did not understand the only reason his purchases from Wai Wize were being investigated was he had to ask Commissioners for waiver to State Law,I didn't.If this man had nerve to go before the Court 6 times and ask to Not follow State law, he should have known sooner or later it would come up.One Tuesday when Commissioners ask him to update them on Wai Wize again this Director who had the balls to ask to circumvent State Law stood in front of Court and said according to front page of Dallas Examiner " I also want to point out that the former director who was involved in this brought this (Wai Wize) to the Court.At no time did any Judge or Commissioner bring any contracts to DCHHS" this middle age Black man is making a fool of himself for John Price and its not going to work.If he believed in what he was doing why does he continue to try and put blame on me and I've been gone 7 years.If he thinks he needed equipment why is he hiding it.The Press stays on him because of his paranoia and he's been this way all along I just did not realize but Pasty Walker did.All Zack ever had to do was show his equipment and be done,he is so Loyal to John Price he is willing to kick everyone under the bus, and for what.Wai Wize did the work Zach sighed off on it so that's ,that's nothing was done wrong.When you think wrong have no respect for others,you go wrong. Zack, I gave many Black vendors work because it was the right thing to do,I confess I sure did bring Wai Wize into the County and proud of it.I also went to their facility to inspect see if they had staff and other resources to do job.I also spoke to communication engineer and he explain scope of project to me.I never spoke with Willis Johnson because I knew Willis was sales person with company not technical expert.I stand by my selection which remained within State law and invoice was paid as work product was finished.Not my fault if you all throw report in trash. I wonder what all the people in love with John Price and Clay Jenkins going to do when they are gone.Cantrell and Garcia don't have a clue.This is first time in my life that Dallas County commissioners Court members are all out to lunch.John Price controls Jenkins,Garcia,Cantrell and himself Commissioner Dickey is pulling alone.Dallas County is not keeping Clay Jenkins no matter how hard he and Price try and tear up Party,Republicans will cross over in primary to make knock Jenkins out.I will stand with Darlene Ewing against a underhand move by Jenkins because she did the right thing.

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