Saturday, July 30, 2011

Republicans Please,President Obama took Office with 12 Trillion Debt.Tell The F------ Truth.

My Dear Voters the Congress keeps saying on National TV we have a 14 Trillion dollar debt.What they are not saying is 1.0 Trillion is from before Reagan for war and economic downturns.1.9 Trillion from Reagan peacetime spending and permanent tax cut 81-89.1.5 George H W Bush first Gulf war low revenue from recession. 1.4 Trillion Clinton despite two years surplus carry over from other years.6.1 Trillion George W. Bush tax cut,Iraq war,Afghan war,medicare drug plan economic downturn. 2.0 Trillion Obama Stimulus spending and tax cut, 2007-2009 recession,lost revenue,unemployment compensation. None of what is happening now, happen under President Obama's watch.Tea Party folk hate Obama so much that they would kill America to win. These People need emergency mental health care.Sara Palin has not a clue what the consequences are with the US failing to pay its debt.World damage. A person of Palin background cannot even count enough or high enough to master what is going on and new Congress member listen to her.Media says Tea Party in charge well that means no One is in charge and President Obama does not have the authority to move without them.I am not sure who is calling the shots but big business could not be happy about what is going on in DC right about now.Hope my SS check is on time and yours also.

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