Monday, July 25, 2011

South Central Sub Station ,Camp Wisdom Road : Needs Sensitivity Training Real Bad!

I had cause to visit South Central Police Sub Station this evening about 4:45.I went there to report a crime.What I got was a young woman working the desk who rolls her eyes at the Public if they ask her two questions.You all know me I stopped her and ask why are you rolling your eyes at me? She than goes and get a bald head Black Officer who came out the door to speak with me.I ask if he came to do something about the woman rolling her eyes at me,he said no I came to take care of you,I then started to explain why I was there,This my of law ask me did I call police,I said no I came here because you all are short of help and I did not want dispatch to call a squad from the street when I could very easily come here,that man looked at me,turned his back used his entry card and said loud " She is Crazy" this is a man on public payroll,looking at a Senior citizen in 105 degree weather reporting her A/C has been stolen and all he can do is holler "She's Crazy" my cell phone was in car I did say to them wait until I get my phone you will see how Crazy I am. I sat in my car for 45 minutes until I got someone from City Hall to send someone to speak with me. I spent years walking,talking and begging for Black folk to be hired in Police and Sheriff departments all over this State and for a young dumb man and silly ass woman don't know how to treat people what was my work for. I am going to ask Chief Brown to take the Negro Officers who do not like or respect their own people, please send them to Preston Wood,Lake Highland,White Rock any where but out here with us.If I had been in possession of anything I would have used it.Both people who spoke to me acted as if they were mad because I interrupted their chatting session.I then ask if Chief Scott was in a tall dark one said no she's not,this fool did not say she no longer work there.I could tell they were being ugly to me because if indeed anyone of them though I was crazy,why did they not follow protocol and call Mobil Mental Health Team,EMS or transport me to Parkland. I feel for Chief Brown ,the action of those three people shot my opinion of Dallas Police to 0.I am now afraid to come in contact with a Black Police Officer,I never had this feeling in all my 70 years of living not even during the Civil Rights era.

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