Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dallas First Black Fire Chief , Burns: Resign ,Retire or Just Plain Messed UP?

When I heard that Chief Burns was leaving,I knew time and situations had finally caught up to him. When a 51 year old man reaches the top of his profession after 30 years doing same job he becomes restless. Chief Burns is also a very good looking 50 + man and seems to be in great shape.Pictures from dance floor at club look very good and he seems to be good dancer,I mention this because they are all ingredients for some men to think its fun time,and life change moment. I never got to know New Chief however I was aware of some early problems with the large Firemen's union not being happy with his selection that's just how they are unless its one of them. I wish Chief Burns much success and admire him for moving on not stirring up stink when outcome would be the same.

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