Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Me Make Something Clear about Dallas County Election Department.

I worked for Dallas County for 19 years.I worked for John Price 6 years as Executive Assistant, I worked closely with Elections and Bruce prior to him becoming Elections Administrator.I remember when the former Administrator resign and the drama surrounding that departure.I remember who fought for Bruce to get the job based on qualifications. What I write about Toni Pippen-Poole or that department it's what I know.No one in that department has told me any thing about Toni.I know what Daphene and Kathy did up in election because they talk to much.Every time that had a fight with Bruce or any of his staff they told John but they also told other Democrat operatives who told me. There is no reason for Toni to fire anyone based on what I know.It did not come from County staff.She also must remember I shared an office with John and answered his phone and heard him talk we had no secrets.I don't talk with her staff.I lost my cell phone I don't even hava their numbers. I was in the election Department Monday to get copy of my Precinct.So I can work it for City election. Toni and others must remember I worked in that building.I knew every thing that went on. Toni will find out how it is at the Top when the buck stops with her if she does not do what Ms. Fain ,Kathy,Price and Jenkins want she to will be out.John Price will turn on anyone he did on me. I have never betrayed the trust of his office from the time I worked for him until yesterday. What this man has done to Bruce is over the top,I can not sit silent when I know what He has

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