Friday, January 21, 2011

Pastor Kerry Wesley Reminds Me Of Pastor C.A.W Clark.

I remember as if it were yesterday,sitting in the balcony ,where most of the younger kids sat,when Pastor Clark open the doors of the Church,I got up walked down the stairs and join Good Street Baptist Church I sure felt good, I went home and told my father and step mom.I had gone to Church with a neighbor member of the church.I became involved and enjoyed going to church activities.Pastor Clark knew every member in that church and it was a large church for the time. He walked around and spoke with everyone when the church was open,he did not close his office door nor have security guard standing there. Pastor Clark never drove a car people took him where he wanted to go.I remember one Sunday a large family came to church and people looked around ,it was a Mother and about five kids,they were clean but clothes were well worn you could tell they were poor.The next Sunday Pastor Clark knew all about the family and had helped them as well and told members off.He told us how dare we look down on people because God had blessed us,how dare we not ask if they needed a ride home or if they needed food, from that day on Good Street Baptist Church welcomed every soul who walked into that door,that family became members and their condition improved two fold. Pastor Clark started dinner on the grounds so all families would fellowship and break bread together.We had strong youth programs first college I visited was with Good Street Church we made reports before the full congregation when we returned from visits.Pastor Clark cared about his people,their souls ,families and the total package and I see that in Pastor Wesley. Good to see someone in the mode of Pastor Clark,grounded enough to stay on the level with his members and educated enough to stand with Presidents.

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