Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toni Pippin-Poole: Not The One for Dallas County Election Administrator !

I was sitting at my desk the day Toni Pippin walked into the office of Commissioner John Price looking for a job.Toni was a young attractive slender woman from East Texas by way of Louisiana.I also remember being ask by Price to call Bruce to arrange a meeting. I followed the instruction as well as told Pippins to go to Human Resource and complete an application .HR qualifies apps. for jobs.I remembered her visiting our office regularly meeting with Price,eventually she was hired by Bruce and trained for the job. I also remember her calling me saying she google P.O. Box number and found it belong to me when I ran for City Council. John Price was supporting Hill it seems someone called Price about some mail in ballots being mailed to my P.O. box and Daphene Fain wanted them stopped so she called Toni,Toni called me with that lie about P.O. Box .I ask her with all the mail in ballots coming in how did you know my box number.She said the ballots would need to be thrown out because they could not be mailed to one box.I said OK.I also remember someone on ballot board knew my sister voted for a Mayoral candidate ,Price and Nealy were not supporting a lunch supply invoice for their candidate, my sister had was cancel the very day ballot was received.Bruce had nothing to do with any of that he did not know. Toni Pippin-Pool is the pipe line to Price and Daphene Fain.If she is appointed Election Administrator John Price will run the Department.Fain will be in charge of Election and Pool will do everything they say. Clay Jenkins does not have a clue as to what John Price is capable of doing without any given reason.When Jenkins wake up it will be to late. The County will be a mess.I feel so strong because I worked there I saw it done to other people and they just left to save their names. Toni Pippin-Poole maybe can do the work but Price and Fain will not let her,she will do their will as she has done in the pass,Fain decides who can be an election Judge if she does not like you you can not serve.Precinct Chairs cannot hold election in District 3 if Fain does not like you ask's a shame your elected Official is the person you must fear. I speak up for the people who are not in a position like I am.I did not fear John Price when I work there that's why he treated me so bad towards the end and I was sick and did not have much fight left and he knew it. There will be a picket line at 3PM supporting Bruce in front of 411 Elm St. see you there.

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