Friday, June 10, 2011

Sad But Wonderful Dream of My Friend Johnny John Ware

Last night I dreamed of former City Manager John Ware,a very dear friend and a man I miss daily.Its as if not being able to talk with him left a hole in my heart that has not been fulfill.John and I could discuss anything trust was the reason. I though about that cold day we walked in the MLK Jr. parade and I ask him if he felt OK,something about him seemed different,he said some symptom and I said you need to go to Doctor.I knew as a woman , Health Director ,men do not like Doctors or the mention of Doctors.The rest of story is history. The dream however was a remembering John Ware memorial service.Shirley Ware allowed us to have a short service in memory of John and his service to the City of Dallas and his volunteer efforts after leaving the City.When John died I think what hurt me more I had not spoken with him and did not know how short the time was,just like him,he was so private,I knew the illness had reared its ugly head and when we last saw each other at the Grill I could see its advance,however we both remain silent about it.The memorial service was lovely and attended by those who cared about John ,the man,his family and sons.I woke up,that empty spot was still there.I can just imagine how his wife,sons,sisters and other family feel,if, as a friend I feel this way.Rest in Peace My Friend,You are Missed.

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