Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Review of Trinity Signatures !

Is this the tone of the new Leadership ? With approx. 80 thousand signatures in and only 48,000 required why waste time on this. How can DA Watkins have staff to review
80,000 signatures when he does not have enough to keep the Courts running. There comes a time when people need to stop and think about what they are doing. I realize that the people who want the road will do most anything to stop Angela Hunts group but what they also must know is there is no stopping Angela Hunt because her cause is for real. The vote in 1998 was for flood control and a lot of feel good parks and etc. the wording on the ballot was challenged back then because it was not clear what we were voting on it was vague. When Mayor Miller took office the plan was changed and voted on by the Council in 2003, I think that is the first time I heard about the toll road. As past Chair of the City Plan Commission I was surprised to know in reviewing the plan that there was to entrance to the so called Trinity park
from downtown. We need relief in the mix-master what is the answer. Jacquielynn Floyd wrote today Trinity keeps us voting and voting it seem that the DMN wants you to think you have voted more then once.

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