Monday, August 13, 2007

Joyce Forman Is D.A.R.T. Board Train to Haven ?

I can not believe that Joyce Foreman , DART Board member could cause so much havoc and do so many evil things as people say she is doing and my information is credible, to be re-appointed to a free board well they do get paid 50.00 per meeting.
Mr. Foreman so I have been told had to ask to be nominated first because the Council person who nominated her in the past is no longer on the Council. From what I understand she has threaten Council members, promise to cause civil unrest at the Council meeting if she is not re-appointed and said she would bring SCLC down to City
Hall. I worked with SCLC back in the day when we were in the again REAL civil rights war that's been a long time ago, but I do not think SCLC can find a Civil Rights violation in the Dallas City Council members appointing a member to the DART board other the Joyce Foreman. Where is the Civil Rights' violation. Ms.Foreman did not have a lifetime appointment, her term is expiring , the Mayoral candidate she supported did not win the election, in the run off she did not support Mayor Leppart
so what on earth is wrong with her. I do not know her family but someone close to her should speak with her because her behavior if what I've been told is true is not healthy. I want her to be well and do well the DART board is not the train to HAVEN!

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