Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is Sheriff Valdez Crazy ?

I worked for Dallas County 20 years and been retired three years. I went through budget hearing all 20, and never in the history of Dallas County has any Department Head or Elected Official ask for 500 new positions. The Lady got 260 positions just since she had been there more then Sheriff Bowles got in any year. The County increased tax last year and remember Parkland also increased tax last year because Jail Health is paid from their budget. Inmates in jail will now be getting better health care then uninsured working people. The Dallas Morning News keeps saying the increase to the budget is for a list of requirement by State and Federal officials. That is not true! Ask to see the list of requirements. There is a summary of things that are required by law, and that has not changed, then there is a list of things that could be improve or recommendations. The Federal recommendation deal with mostly the Health side .The Commissioners and Parkland agreed on implementing some of their recommendation such as hiring an out side Consultant to review the Health side. The $100,000.00 Consultant is not a requirement it's taxpayer money wasted. Would someone call the DMN and ask them to see the State and Federal requirements that has caused the Sheriff to ask for so much money, keeping the jail clean does not cost money, it requires supplies and labor she has plenty of labor. Parkland is doing it's part to correct UTMB's mess on the health side the Sheriff is not doing her part to correct the operation side of the jail.
Please people ,Sheriff Jim Bowles never failed a jail inspection. The last year UTMB
was written up on the TB screening and other health related items. The Commissioners Court and it seem the DMN wants to lay all of Sheriff Valdez problems on Bowles but
I was there it just ain't so people!

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