Thursday, August 23, 2007

When You Hurt the Ones That Helped You !

I've watched the crazy going on behind the scene at City Hall surrounding the DART
Board appointment. The Ministers groups in Southern Dallas supported former City
Judge and Pastor Vonciel Hill for City Council District 5. It seem as if Councilwoman Hill dealt them a blow with her lobby effort for Joyce Foreman for the board seat . Councilwoman Hill nominated Joyce Foreman for reappointment to the board ,but the vicious way she lobbied for the vote for Ms. Foreman and
treatment of the other nominee was not God like. Dr. Christian was one of her strong supporters in the City Council race. Dr. Christian did not nominate himself and he had every right to serve. I think he is a fine man and has been very active in helping this community. He worked with Mayor Miller on some projects and good things happen. We need new people to serve on boards and commissions with new ideas. I hope Ms. Lynn Flint-Shaw becomes the Chair of the DART board.

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