Thursday, August 23, 2007

DISD /Nepotism means Nepotism !

First, I support Michael Hinojosa 100%. When I said I would go down and work for him free I meant it, because he needs someone with common sense.Dr. H. has a staff of Educators and they must have spent all their working careers Reading education books and not experiencing life. Any person in this world working in the private sector or public for that matter knows nepotism means " in chain of command". The policy says relatives can not work for relatives. Mr. Bailey said "Mr.Viramontes is a hands off manager" what kind of madness is that, his wife is still in his chain of command .Mr. Bailey should read the policy. When Mr. Bailey gives Mrs Viramontes an assignment or has to discipline her , and she goes home and tell her husband while they sit at the dinner table or as they relax in bed, he will see why there is a nepotism policy. When other employee challenge Ms. Viramontes work and complain Mr. Bailey will wish he had not violated the policy. It's not about qualification it's about the problems that are caused by having relatives work in the same area on a job. As a former Director of a major Department in Dallas County I know first hand how the work place can be destroyed by these kinds of relationship.
Dr.Hinojosa has people working for him with very poor JUDGEMENT and then they try and justify it rather then correct it, making it worse.

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