Friday, August 03, 2007

Council Police Squard

You are not going to believe this! I was sitting watching Judge Judy today so it had to have been after 4PM when my door bell ring. I looked out and there was a City of Dallas Code Enforcement truck parked on the curb and a young man with a dog pole standing at my door. I open the door and I said not again and he started laughing
and said his Supervisor sent him over today. I ask what was the problem he said lose dog. I invited him in and we walked to the back yard and again he went and looked at my dogs in the 1/3 acre enclosed cement bottom dog yard. I ask him how long could the City waste money coming out to my house and seeing the same thing. I share this with you because the animal control people are not coming out, who if the dog was out, it's their duty to catch and take to pound . The reason to me that there
is a shortage of man power in Code is because the staff is being used for non code enforcement duties. When will Mary Suhm fix this or do I need the Justice Department.
Clearly my Civil Rights are being violated.

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