Monday, August 27, 2007

Dallas Morning News/ New City Manager

It was with amazement the DMN story on City of Dallas lack of ordinance on number of animals one can own within city limits. The Dallas Managed News now wants a new ordinance to limit numbers of animals one person has in his home. I think, but maybe I am wrong, there is such an ordinance on the books. I was on CPC when this issue came up back in the 90's so I know we talked about it. The managed News thinks the Michael Vick story calls for new animal control rules. How silly is that? The City of Dallas does not have enough staff for dogs running lose in neighborhoods today. There are Pitt bull dogs running free in Council Districts 4,5,7,8 and no one owns them so we need to start there first. The Southern sector has become the dumping ground for animals people do not want.They bring them from all parts of the city.
Another light bulb went off this morning, first page Metro Dear Laura:Thanks for doing your best. Since Laura Miller is going to be on the Trinity River campaign trail with Ron Kirk and Mayor Leppert the news is now selling how good she was. The whole part of the year before the Council race they said she was not so good and to make sure I did not win in District 5 they did story after story about me and her.
Every month they had me and Laura Miller in some kind of story even up to the run off election when poor James Ragland did that piece on the DHA board appointment
that was four months old. I told James he had been used to harm my election but, I do not write his pay check. A year ago no one could have told me the News set the agenda(OK go on laugh)I was in the mix and really did believe I was doing what was right for the people, the city for all the right reasons. Well now I see said the blind woman. Every subject the News reports on: the City, Schools and other Government agencies soon follow with adopting the news answer. If the News is going to run the City,schools and etc: we need to close City hall and let the new run the city from Belo building it would save the taxpayers lots of money.

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