Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why 20-City Vigil ? Talk With Artist !

Reverend Al Sharpton and Action Network's Decency Initiative sounds good but its a little late to stop something that has been going on over ten years. RAP music has been a source of language about Gun's, killings and all sort of other activities that have led to a decline in our Communities. My nephew was in the sixth grade at Longfellow and I was trying to teach him how to ride DART to school, he said to me "I need a gun to ride the bus" my first word was where did you get that from? He than sang the entire song. I could not believe it the words said "when you ride public transportation pack your heat" I could not believe my ears. Needless to say the first time he was caught at school with a gun he was still in sixth grade. He went to Juvenile at the end of sixth grade, three group homes at tax payers expense.TDC three time and is now awaiting to serve a long sentence in TDC for what else murder. I know this child lived RAP music . We took him to Doctor's the Juvenile sent him to therapeutic care.Nothing could undo what the early listening
to RAP music implanted in his mind.
RAP has done it's harm and still is but what can a one day protest do to a Billion dollar industry? Why not meet with the Young Black Men making the music ?

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