Monday, August 13, 2007

How Black Can Hillary Be ?

In 2007 how can or why would a Black Professional group ask How Black is Ms. Clinton
and is Barack Obama Black enough ? if a White group said Obama is not White enough Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and this group would be full Court calling for their heads. The National Association of Black Journalist meeting in Las Vegas posed these question to both candidates. This is America people and the President of the United States represents all the people. Black people have achieve so much success and yet the very people who should celebrate the success are the ones re inventing slavery. Why continue to celebrate the pass and relive each and every bad thing that happen. I am old enough to remember the days of segregation, and my days in the real movement not the make believe one.
I hear people talking about the Black vote and I see Politicians spending grand thief money to attract the Black vote, and the Black vote continue to stay home. Two Presidential candidates went to the Black Journalist convention to talk about problems effecting Black people.
Senator Clinton spoke on the millions of young Black men with out jobs, in jail and dropping out of high school, yet the Black Journalists did not question her on the plan to help, nor did they offer their plan or help, they are Black enough and should know why this is happening to their Black brothers.Instead they wanted to know how Black can she be. Hell from looking she can not be. What about the cause she spoke on. if something is not done there will be no more Black people at the rate we are killing each other, being locked up, drugs killing us and etc. I am so sick of this victim role Black people continue to accept as a condition ,if I could I would create a pill to cure them so we can get back to saving our children and communities.

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