Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick Probation Is Enough !

I waited until now for my opinion on the Micheal Vick story. First, I have dogs who live in the house and some who live on the outside. I also am a Animal Cops fan. So I follow animal rules of treatment. From what I have read it seems Vick entered into
a business relationship with some friends from his past, he financed it, it had a name so it was not a hidden business. I am not sure if Vick lived on the property
that housed the kennel business. I believe that Vick did not know the laws as they pertained to the type of business he had entered. He should have hired an attorney and gotten legal advice prior to starting the business with his homeboys. Vick trusted his homeboys. First mistake: Dog fighting has been a sport for years I do not like it but it has been around and not much has been said or done about it. The fact now its Urban kids and people involved seem to have put it in the spot light and now everyone is concern. The very same people who think Vick should go to prison for watching or having a dog fight will sit in their homes and watch boxing until one man knock the other out which is temporary death. Vick admitted to killing some dogs, dogs are put to death daily here in Dallas it is not against any law to kill your own dog. Maybe the method of death sounds bad but I do not know how they put dogs to sleep at the animal shelter and I live in a State that still kill people and allow other people to sit and witness the death. Michael Vick is another young man who made his money and fame from a God given talent and was trust into the spotlight over night. Most of these new sports millionaires have not a clue about life in the fast lane and their families are so caught up in the fame that the person becomes God and they have a tendency not to tell then anything. They make very bad decisions
just because they do not know any better. I do not think watching a dog fight deserves a prison sentence. Vick did not from what I have read mistreated the dogs.The cruelty was the actually dog fight. Why should the taxpayers house Vick just to make a point. Probation which is given most first time offenders is just punishment. The public embarrassment is punishment enough and lost of playing in the NFL. Michael Vick should be treated like every one else in the same situation, clearly he is being treated different because he is Michael Vick. Count the people in prison in America for dog fighting the number is 0!

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