Monday, September 03, 2007

Community People Do Community Things.

Ms. Foreman ask on this blog in her comment "why I was so involved in this DART board issue". I am a Community worked I am involved in most things that happen in this Community and have been for 41 years. As I said before I heard about what was going on and I had an opinion. I am an American and have the right to speak on any issue that I feel the need to. However I did not lobby against Ms. Foreman. I visited a Council woman I though was a friend and I wrote a note "saying Ms. Foreman used the race card to much", at that time I knew that Council person was a committed vote for Ms. Foreman and was not going to change ,I hoped she would speak with Ms. Foreman about over use of the race card. One thing that has hurt Black people in this City is the over use of the Race card. Other minorities do not cry Race every time an issue comes up. We need to stop it! I have served under 5 Mayors
and re-appointed to all Boards and Commissions and served until my 8 years expired.What the Dallas Morning news write about me does not matter because if you check the record it speaks for it self. When I need to get people corrected I use any means necessary and I never use the Race card. I use policy and procedures and I have never lost one yet. There is a right way and a not so right way. After some years you learn how. There were 8 Council persons coming back and 7 new ones , Ms Foreman should have had her 8 votes signed sealed and delivered before the new people ever got there. Nomination should have been signed by all old Council Members
that is the way the game is played.When you play and do not win it's no ones fault but your own. These are my last comments on this subject. I must move on to crime in the area.

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