Friday, September 28, 2007

Trinity River Park !

The Lakewood paper wrote a story on the Trinity and they ask the same question I have ask for the past year. I have read the Trinity Plan, Forward Dallas, The Balanced Vision and looked at the DVD given the Plan Commission, and I have yet to find a Park. I have ask City staff , Trinity staff and they all say Trinity Parkway.
In the last staff presentation I ask the new Director of the Trinity office how would people access the Trinity from downtown because ,I had notice no streets or roadway leading to what I though might be a park over between the levy, he said we have not figured that out yet. I think the Trinity Yes people think there is a Park planned for some place in the downtown area, I have not seen it in any plan. I have seen it on pictures of a park but not on design documents. The Trinity No people know there is no Park downtown, it's wet lands, natural growth areas and all sorts of
wild lands. You may sail a boat from one wet land to another but that is about it. I know you think I am crazy but ask someone to show you the Park on the regulation drawing at City Hall, not Parkway but Park.

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