Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republican Party! What a Disapointment!

The Party of my Father, my Party for a long time,even when I supported Democrats candidates. I always believed in their ability to treat people fairly and not cheat.
I caught Lot's of grief, in fact the hardest lesson came,when I ran for City Council,
People who knew me very well said,"they could not vote for a Republican, my opponent robo called the voters and reminded them,that I was in the Party. I found out just how much the Republican Party was hated, somehow because I was not one of the One's people hated I though maybe, there were more like me.
I supported Obama, because of his message,plan and energy to get things done,John McCain had a dysfunctional Family and that crazy Sara Palin made him worse, the dumbest White woman ,I ever heard off in my 68 years of living. There is an old Movie,The American President released in 1995, in a speech the President said, Republicans ( i put republican in)
care about two things, "Making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it" just to be re elected. This is so true today, from a movie the truth rang true.
What Republicans have done is, worked the American people up to be afraid of Obama, with lie after lie,now they're telling you he's the blame for it, with lie after lie
and the are sticking to those lies, from the Governor to the Attorney General of our State. No one told Abbot we wanted him to file any law suit, far as I know he has not ask. Who annotate Perry and Abbot, God? Republicans have turned into angry old men and drunk old women,who care only for themselves, there is a higher power who will take care of them. If my description of Republicans, doesn't fit you ,please don't be offended,I'm speaking about ,what I saw and heard from people in DC for the past few days.Why would Officials make the Public afraid of Health Care ,when the very people voting NO has public Option health care and Medicare cards in their pocket, why is it good for them and bad for Us, never witness such a lie being told to the Public in the Public.

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