Friday, March 12, 2010

Southern Dallas Justice,Please ACLU We Need Help !

In Southern Dallas a Constable wrote a young man a traffic ticket,he read the instruction on said ticket and followed them to the letter of law.This young man drove to the JP Court in Pct.1,Lancaster ,Texas well within the time frame on the ticket.The Young man ask for a Jury trial,the Court clerk tried to discourage the trial,she told him about various programs on paying the ticket,at the end of conversation,the Young man said,I want a Jury trial,the Clerk said OK then,but it will take a while,I will send you notice of date.The Clerk did not give him any paper with his request on it nor did she sign ticket indicating he had been there.
This Young man received no NOTICE from JP Pct 1 on Court date for Jury trial,he was waiting for notice,when a letter arrived from Austin,Texas, saying he had been found guilty of the offence on ticket and owed a surcharge for his guilty verdict and the fine for ticket.
How can a Man be found guilty of a traffic offence,when he never went to Court,never notified of a date and the sad part is,its going to be easy to see if there was a Jury called for a Pct.1 from the downtown Jury service.They lied to the State,if he had failed to appear a warrant should have been issued and he would have been arrested,they have now put a mark on his license and a three year sur charge,when they did not do their job.What kind of Judge/JP would do such a thing? How can these people over here continue to violate Peoples rights and we can do nothing about t.What is happening in Southern Dallas is worse than any Country we are fighting for,we have no justice out here,and they make and break laws daily and nobody gives a DAM.Wrong Young Lady arrested at school,when warrant has male on it,think anyone cares? No. How many other people have ask for Jury trial and because Judge/JP has to work,they don't do it and than find you guilty,without any type of Court appearance.

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