Monday, March 08, 2010

Tom Dunning, A True Friend !

There are not many people in life who can claim one Friend. I am speaking of a person who is with you,come rain or shine,in sickness or health for richer or poorer.A man who means what he says,by his action. A man who has never allowed race, gender or politics,to dictate who he befriend.

Tom Dunning, is that man, a Friend in every sense of the meaning of the word.Tom's wife has been very kind and accepting of his friends,and it shows in her face,as she supports Tom and his friends.

Thanks, Tom, you are the type of person,I would pick to be my "Fox Hole Buddy".Many years ago, my Father told me,"Be Careful Who You Pick To Be Your Fox Hole Buddy",I have never forgot.

Just wanted to make this know,to people who might not be familiar with Mr. Dunning.

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