Friday, March 12, 2010

Black People ,When Will We, Get On, With It ?

I have lived 68 years,gone through so many trials and tribulations,wars,injustice,I can't name them.I know its time to get on with Life and living life as it is,and stop living history.Knowing history,understanding it and determined not to repeat it,is worth while,but living it,talking about it,basing all our present activities on it,is useless.
I have the utmost respect for Dr.Julianne Malveaux,her column in the Dallas Weekly,this week is disappointing to me.Dr. Malveaux says Mo'nique's Oscar was Victory and Setback.Julianne says,she did not relish the Precious story making it to the screen,but every day,Child Welfare workers deal with these cases daily,all over the US,where is the outrage from Black people? She goes on to say Sandra Bullock won,for playing a White woman who, took in a Black kid,and there are many Black woman raising relatives and other peoples kids,we know there are hundreds of Black women caring for Black kids,that is normal for our race.The movie Blind Side was about an unusual story,a story people will pay to see.There are enough Black millionaires to make movies about our families,we cannot blame White Hollywood for not making a single interest movie,who will pay to see it? The fact is,both are movies,Blind Side was based on a true story,Precious was not.Oprah and Tyler Perry helped to promote it,Black people got to work at their craft and won Performance based awards.Dr.Malveaux is making a movie into real life,its not.She speaks about the 10 million budget and the fact has earned only 50 million,I see nothing wrong with a low budget film making 5 times what it cost to make it,with DVD sales and rentals it will make additional monies.
Bottom line folks,its time for Black people to get on with it,no matter what goes on,some Black person has something to cry,we are so accustom to being a victim we cannot stop finding fault with everything.I am so sick of hearing about how bad Blacks are being done,and I look around and the only people doing us bad or US. I hope before God calls me home,Black people will Get on with living Life as it is,stop the Blame game and get off your Ass and do what needs to be done.Dallas needs to take a lesson from Houston,Black people in Houston do it,and the Ones that Don't,the people turn them OUT.

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