Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Officials In Dallas ,Sill Don't Get It,Favors For Pay ,Is Illegal !

Last week and the beginning of this week,Federal Judge handed down long prison sentences,for a former City Councilman City Plan Commissioner and others,for favors for pay scheme. Yet ,it seems that many of the current Officials,don't remember or do not care that some of their actions are in the same vain.

When you are an Elected or Appointed Official,with the authority to govern,all your decisions are to be in the best interest of the body you serve,not to benefit private business people directly,when you make a decision at the request of private business people,that is not in the best interest of the Public body you govern,but for the sole profit of a private business,its illegal.
Public officials,who allow vendors to lodge complaints, and without any investigation
make decisions based on one sided information are doing disservice to their community.When Officials allow vendors to write memos and letters to Governing Boards,signed by them (official) with information they believe is true ,and turns out it's not correct, and has purposely , been altered from original language,is an indicator the Official is being use for someones personal gain.

The prison time seems to not had the right effect,the Judge had expected,it's business as usual in Dallas with Officials.

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