Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How About That Obama!

Well the President has performed another task,left all the Haters behind,slipped over to War zone,chilled with Soldiers had a talk with them, enjoyed them cheering,and happy to see his face,knowing how hard he was working for them, in a fight He did not start.
It's nice to go away sometime and just see new folk, who have an appreciation for Life and Liberty and to see another day, in a strange land where no one knows their name.

I had a wonderful Lunch today with some Gentlemen who knows, what it means to face rejection on a daily bases, yet the Principle Owner is smiling and doing very well,growing a company and hiring other highly Qualified men to work.

There are so many Black men doing well,that I had forgotten how many there are.Living in the Southern sector, I see them in relax attire and forget that's not their every day wear.

So proud to have set with Two business Black men and another two came into the Restaurant while we were there.

Stay Sound Black Men,I am proud of You. How About All of You.

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