Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thanks Senator West ! Help Craig,He's Very Good,DA

I have always admired State Senator Royce West,because when it comes to what is important,he always takes the correct path. I have sometimes ,had a difference of opinion than his, but he has always, remained a Gentleman doing those times.What ever is said ,about it, never reaches me.Senator West can point to,progress he has made in his Senatorial District and the State of Texas. When you read good laws, being passed,you can bet Senator West is some place around.Royce built an office tower in Oak Cliff where people can lease office space, the man practice what he preach.
I hope he is able ,to convince DA Watkins to step aside ,and allow the AG or some one to investigate the Constable mess and move on.The best Mr. Watkins can do for justice ,is Justice. DA Watkins has done to much good, and his conviction rate on hard criminals is very good,and he does not convict innocent people.We need him to be re elected for all of Dallas County.People my age can feel a sense of fairness and justice finally coming from the Court buildings.
An independent investigation has been done,he should turn that over to someone to finish,it can only do good,as in what happen to Sheriff Bowles,after all that mess turns out Bowles was not gulity of any thing, but one group of Republican wanted him out of office.Why not let Evans and Cortes be proven innocent by an outside agency and be done with it.

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