Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Wonderful Ladies, Gone To Be With God.

This week has been the birthday of some wonderful Woman ,and the death of others.
i was sadden to hear of the death of my neighbor of 25 years, Doris Woods.Doris Woods was the type of neighbor anyone would love.If you had a need, no matter what Doris was there.We did not visit often nor talk ever on the phone,but she knew I was here,and I knew she was there.We both were in renal failure together,that was strange but I was transplanted she was not.

Then I received the new that Ms. Willie Faye Price of Forney has passed , that got to me because,Ms. Price was such a wonderful woman,quiet but strong,very smart and independent.My only regret is ,I did not get to see her often as I would like to after my illness.

May these Beautiful Woman rest in Heavenly Peace.

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