Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chief David Brown, Sounds Good To Me !

I am so very happy that Mary Suhm picked the right man,to lead the Dallas Police Department. Chief Brown is a man with a lovely wife,who is also a police Officer,they have a lovely daughter.
This man has been a police officer 27 years and we have heard no scandal about him,yes as a rookie he was in an accident and not the driver and maybe mixed up his statement,but he has shown he learned from his mistake. When I heard they hit a suspects car going the wrong way,I laughed, seems like a good way to catch a crook.

Glenn White has to be the angriest man in America,this man has a permanent frown on his face,never a good word to say about anyone or anything.How long can one man be President of DPA? Seems as if Glenn has been there a mighty long time. I wonder what it takes to make him happy?

I wish Chief Brown the Best, as he leads one of the Best Police departments in the USA, even with Glenn White.

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