Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Blog, Is My Opinion , True View On Various Issues.

I had no idea so many people read my Blog page.People who know me understands,Its my Opinion,not that of any other Person.I speak what I know to be the truth, or think is the truth, until such time as correct information comes to my attention.
Today, I had a comment on the Dallas Morning News blog,under the comment section of their story,on the Love Field concession contract.I had watched State Rep. Helen Giddings speak before the Council and say they had ruin her name and her Integrity was being questioned.I also said elected Officials deprive the people they serve when they take opportunities others could have, I also said when they make laws affecting Airports.Someone informed Rep. Gidding of what I said and she called me, to get the facts straight.One thing I do appreciate about Helen,she come to the source, I did tell her,maybe I did not communicate it properly, but my statement was about why her name was in the DMN daily since the story begin,and that is she wears two Hat's.One a business owner in a public owner facility the other an Elected Official, I said in order to avoid this type of question, one must decided if they want to give one up.I Said she made laws that effect Airports, that was meant for Eddie B. Johnson but Ms. Johnson's name was not in there,plus her interest is held in a blind trust, managed by a third party.
The fact of a no bid public contract raises legitimate question that the City manager and Council members need to be able to answer with a firm conviction and move on,not some lame excuse about 911/everyone was hurt by that.I hope what ever happens it is for the good of all involved.Its strange that this came the same week that former Officials were sent to prison and sentenced to prison.What a week.

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