Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Does Being Elected ,Cause Loss of Friendships?

I have known Deputy Mayor Dwain Caraway a very long time. I have supported him a long time and still do.I sometimes disagree with him and I always tell him ,no matter when or where, and he does the same to me.I consider myself his Elder,because of the length of time I have been involved in this community, politics and age.
It seems that Mayor Caraway is upset with me, yet he has not said that to me, but has articulated that to others. I attended a Community meeting and several Council members were present,Mayor Caraway spoke and went on a long time,as he always does,we all know this, I said something about this not being a campaign meeting,Mayor Caraway, turned to me and "said I'm the Deputy Mayor", now you all know me,I replied,this is not City Hall, now I was speaking to my long time friend Dwain Caraway, he took it as an insult, coming from me,to the Deputy Mayor. I am sorry that he is so offended, and still angry with me, to the point he has not spoken to me,but said plenty about me to others.Why not talk with me? I care for him.

What puzzles me is,what happens to people when they get elected,what changes them so quickly? How can you be a Friend and after getting elected, the manor in which I speak to you any where, has to be in the capacity of an elected official.What happens after term limitation makes you vacate the office,do I than treat you normal or is there a way to speak with former elected officials.

It is, again so sad that time is being spent on something ,that is so unimportant,
every person in a Leadership position appointed or elected , is needed to help our community.Mayor Caraway is doing a hell of a good job and in District 4, and I'm doing the best job I can do out at DFW ,to help all people and the City of Dallas,we are both needed to get the job done.I want Mayor Caraway to stay on the Council as long as he can and continue to make a difference, I hope he wants me to stay at DFW,as long as I do the job, and not want me removed because we hit a bump in the road.We both need to think about the People we serve not our personal feelings.
Keep Up Good Work Deputy Mayor Caraway.

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