Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Folk, The Archie Bunker's Of 2010.

I was talking with a very good Friend of mine,who was active in Republican Politics back in the day.I ask her what had happen to the Party, and why these new Party folk were so mean and hateful. She had the truthful, simple answer,these are the people growing up watching Archie Bunker, and believed it was real. Archie was against every thing,and No was his middle name. Archie would be the kind of guy,that would find something wrong to say about,that Black Man in the White House,just ant right Edith, Edith would say, That's what Sara Palin,said Archie,I know Edith,I know.
Next time you see a Tea Party group,think the Archie Bunker group.That group is already getting geared up to oppose President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court,how do you get ready for the unknown? This Tea Party group is fueling violence among people who believe all this hate talk,many don't realize Glenn Beck earns 23 million a year pumping them up and Rush makes more than that.Must be nice to make millions off people who are weak minded and need and want attention,being on TV in any capacity makes their life.
Archie Bunker has taken over the Republican Party,and Michael Steele is no George Jefferson.

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