Sunday, May 02, 2010

John Ware, Dead At 62 Years of Age,What A Lost !

I remember that cold day, John Ware and I walked, in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, he said he didn't feel well,maybe on set of flu, my comment was you should see a Doctor and get it checked out. I said that ,because Mr. Ware had always seemed a strong man and most men,will not see a Doctor.Shortly after that encounter,I learned of his diagnosis, and I prayed with him and said all cancer is not a death sentence,he was very upbeat,as he prepared for his treatment in Houston.He lived and served his Community, he was very private and had strong opinions about a lot of things,the last time we talked, I told him that now,that he was President of the Citizen Council, I would need to treat him with more respect,he laughed. I ask about his health,as in his own way, he said ,I'm alright, now I know what he meant.

Rest In Peace John,you will remain in my heart forever. Thanks for all you did, and the help you extended to many.

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