Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DMN Make Much of Nothing, Poker House? Mayor Caraway

When I read that Exclusive report, Mayor Caraway ,intervene for Poker House, I said why is the DMN telling that lie in May,about something that happen in January.
Well is seems to me someone wants ,very hard to discredit Caraway.First of all anyone who has been in or around City Hall, has heard Caraway talk about better utilization of Police manpower,when ever he hears of something he fells is silliness or wrong doing by officers.

Caraway was out in the community years before he was elected,he went in crack houses with me to find my child,and other folks kids.
DMN had it all wrong and knew it was wrong,first of all Caraway was contacted by one of his constituents about receiving a parking ticket on the street in front of the poker house,the gentleman was not illegally parked, he took pictures went to Court and ticket was dismissed.House occupant ,fixed back yard so people could park,since the police continued to ticket people parked on street ,in front of house.
Caraway was again contacted when people parked in rear of home were ticked.Imagine a police officer,parking his Police car on the street ,walking back behind a house writing tickets ,for parking violation,on private property.Now if you don't see any thing wrong with that,something is wrong.Mr Caraway did go to the Manager,but the ticket writing continued,Mr Caraway also said if it was the Poker house ,they were targeting just follow the law and Raid the Poker house.
Not one time did Caraway ask any Official to ignore or not raid the Poker House ,if it was a problem.All Caraway ask was why are the people who park on private property being harassed.Never did he mention Poker House,as DMN implied.
Caraway saying ,he and his father had played poker at the house,was a statement to let the public know, it was a safe and decent place,no crime going on inside,good enough for them to have visited.He was not bragging about the place,it's been there 20 years or so.Why now has it become such a problem,DMN even mention barred windows on house,every house in South Dallas has bares to keep the criminals out not police,if police were in area there would be no need for bares.
Someone with Power,is sending the Officers over there, to harasses the people,plain and simple. Caraway was complaining about,undo harassment of people parked on private property,NOT the Poker House.There are Laws on the books to work on the Poker House,if illegal gaming is going on,use it,Caraway has also said use the proper law to fit the crime.Miss use of laws have plague the minority community for years,all he ask was to apply the law fairly,not use it for an unlawful purpose.
As Chair of Public Safety that is his duty,someone said I was taking up for Caraway,nothing could be farther from the truth,If you know me are follow my Blog,you would know it's dedicated to Truth no matter who is involved, just as I call people out when they are wrong, I also call out Truth when they are being lied on.
The Media is powerful,it can write a story that passes the legal test by the position certain words are in,but still not be the whole truth,Once upon a time it made me mad,but know that regular people have blog we can counter those lies or twisted stories.

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