Friday, May 28, 2010

The White Man did It ! What?

One of my Friday rituals, is picking up the weekly community papers and the Dallas Observer.The Observer always has some interesting article,that main stream media normally will not print.The minority papers and the Voice gives different views on local and national happenings.
I open one paper and the first thing,Kwame Kirkpatrick:humbled, I am a believer in second chances,I had one and my Son has one,this is not about the chance,its about what you do and how you do it.Kwame comes from a privileged family,his mother is a Congresswoman in Michigan,he had a very good future ahead of him.No one in Dallas knows how the people of Detroit, feel about what has happen to them as a community,but for our media to print ,what someone says about his crime,being his business, meaning the affair,it just plain mis-education of a community.Kwame was not found guilty of having an affair,he was guilty of lying to government officials in sworn deposition.Was his sentence fair, is an opinion. To claim he has done nothing wrong is a lie.If you owe a fine and restitution it must be paid as part of Court settlement,you can't move to Texas and spend almost $10,000.00 or more per month on living expense,and not pay your restitution,if you were a regular person maybe so,being an Elected Official is different.All the glory you receive as an Official,goes against you when you betray your community.
Next paper was saying ,Terri Hodge troubles started when some White people, were trying to take black folk property in her District by eminent domain,first and foremost no one was trying to take Black folk property,they were trying to relax a rule to make absent land owners clean up and fix up their property,so the Frazier Community could come alive again,there are building that have set there for years,without on coat of paint,windows boarded,trash and etc.To claim that when Ms. Hodge walked into that meeting and spoke,some Magic White man called the FBI and said,we need to get her is simply to far out.I went to St.Peters Academy,private catholic school with Terri Hodge,I have always liked and respected her,and will continue as her friend not State Rep.The insult to the public,when this writer compared Terri income tax guilty plea with some other Politicians who had income tax problem is another mis-education of the public.Every reasonable person knows Terri faced many more serious charges and was allowed to plea on the lesser charge.Where is the White ghost? When I got to the article BLACK MEDIA REPS DEMAND MORE BLACK-OWNED CHANNELS, not one named group, of people wanting to buy channel.
How is the White Man to blame for that? When Colon Powell's son was over the FCC, he tried with all he had to involve more Minorities in TV and Radio ownership,money
was the problem ,not access to the rights.I know some Black fellows who owned a FM license and could not get station going. The time spent blaming the White man is so wasted and it only keeps minorities believing there is a real barrier to business ownership.When they are their own barrier.
End results,we are so brain washed ,we keep electing these people, who preach hate, and the White man did it,so you can't see who really is responsible for doing nothing in our community.The buildings sitting on Spring Ave vacant and run down, with drugs being sold out front,had Black City Council person for 25 years,Black County Commissioner 25 years, Black State Rep.25 years, Black Senator 25 years, the buildings were still there last time I drove by. I just put the papers down,I want to read something, we did positive ,not what the invisible White man didn't allow us to do. Dallas can we wake up and follow the example set by Houston ,start acting like we have opportunity and exercising our ability to achieve.

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