Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What Is Going On In Dallas?

First, the City old water main breaks.Second, flood Dallas County Records building where all computer equipment is stored.Third ,Two years ago,Commissioners were told to store back up in another place,in case,what happened, happens, Commissioners in two years have not followed recommendation,now their main building where all records are stored,flooded and shut down,the County is closed.Fourth, remember when the County Judge dismantled the IT committee,because they were causing trouble for It staff,well Foster was right ,if the IT department had been able to do their
job without Political interference from commissioner,this day would not have happen.Fifth,John Price thinks that's cute saying they have purchased some new equipment,I will bet the cost doubled.Sixth,City of Dallas should test water mains and fix or replace old pipes,City took in 30 million dollars for storm water and used it in general fund,now they want to raise,water by the same percentage they decreased the trash pick up.Do these people think ,we the general Public are Fools?
It makes me sick to look and hear what they say and expect us to believe it.
Matthew 23:9-29 says, Woe, You Hypocrites.

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