Saturday, June 05, 2010

Former Councilman Al Lipscomb,Gravely Ill !

I received a call today from a very good friend of Mr. Lipscomb,he had come to Dallas to check on him,after being told he was Methodist Charleston Hospital,a month not doing well.The friend had Mr. Lipscomb transferred to Methodist Central, I've been told the Doctors ,want him to see some people.
I am on my way to the Hospital,Mr Lipscomb has done to much in this community and in a hospital and I did not know it,I am not sure if you all knew it,but I sure did not. It is a shame that a man came from another City to see about our Loved one, what is wrong in this Town.Two White men had to call me about,a man that has helped me and all of you, and we did not see about him and for some reason no one of his family members called me,but sent me an invitation to a birthday party, just last week.

What the hell is going on?

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