Sunday, June 27, 2010

Had To Take A Break , from Dallas,Only To Return To Much Madness !

One week away from this place ,can help one's mind regroup. While I was gone I got news of the triple shooting in Lancaster.My first mind was ,how tragic the shooting were, second call identified one of the persons dead, as a Lancaster Police Officer, another as young man with his family, another young man doing the shooting. My first though was, maybe gang or drug related, as I followed news on line the scene was becoming clear and the shooter had been identified as Chief Browns son.

I had already felt for the first news I received and my sorrow was there, I than felt deep pain for Chief Brown,who I know, for the lost of a child. My feeling of pain for David  Brown was as a Father not Chief Brown.
It seems that some of the people who ,are lashing out at Chief Brown are doing so ,because he was not their choice for Chief, and now that he's down and they think, in his weakest hour,the hate has come full circle.

What is strange to me, is they are so full of down right hate about Chief Brown being Chief,just as Obama being President, that what brains they did have , or re-fried and have no juice left.
First off ,Chief Browns son was 27 years old, a man living on his own. I never heard anyone charge Hinckley's father for him shooting President Reagan.
Second,You would have to be an idiot not to realize Brown Jr. had snapped and lost his mind,none of his action were those of a sane man.
Thirdly, When Officer Banal called for traffic support,he felt as a police officer,the private escort was not adequate for the traffic on I45 and lives were in danger,mainly his police Chief and other fellow Officers,he did not call for a Funeral Escort for the dead Brown Jr.,his family had already paid for escort. You people know nothing about police work,funeral business,traffic control,and your fault finding and hate is so strong,you don't give a dam.
Fourth.Chief David Brown has ask no one from the City,County or any other government agency for anything, he simply does not roll like that. His son the cop killer is dead and buried ,but he is still his son.
I will still support David Brown in the lost of his son,the Shaw family in the lost of their Loved one,the McMillan family in the lost of their Loved one and the Lancaster Police Department in the lost of a fellow Officer.
If your heart and mind are right , you also can mourn the lost of ,three Son's,a Police Officer, three Fathers and their families. At that same time , can pray for the salvation of the man who took their lives.

I know Mary Suhm, she is no push over,so you angry folk don't make a mistake.

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